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        Insurance for Recreational Vehicles

        Camping is a great way to connect with nature and the wonderful friends and family in your life. Erie Insurance can help ensure the camping fun continues by protecting the investment you’ve made in your RV.

        RV Insurance

        You love exploring the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your RV or camper whether it’s for a couple of days or a few weeks. RV insurance can help keep your adventures covered.

        Need insurance coverage for your travel trailer or motor home? We can help.

        You can insure motorized RVs or motor coaches for the same coverages as the vehicles on your auto insurance policy.

        When your travel trailer or towable camper is on an ERIE auto insurance policy, you can be covered for physical damage while it’s parked temporarily at a campsite and for liability damage while it’s attached to your insured vehicle.1

        When your RV is permanently located and no longer mobile, then Named Perils coverage applies. Your ERIE agent can explain the details.  

        Coverage with convenience

        If you add your RV or travel trailer to your ERIE auto policy, you get the convenience of using one insurance company, dealing with one bill and you may even be eligible for discounts.

        To make sure you get the coverage you need, ask your local Erie Insurance agent for details about insuring recreational vehicles.2

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        Get the right insurance for your recreational vehicle.

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        1ERIE only provides coverage for temporarily located recreational camping vehicles with a valid and current motor vehicle registration at the time of loss. Motor homes can be insured on an ERIE personal lines auto policy except in North Carolina where they must be written on a commercial auto policy.

        2Coverage is not available in all states. See individual policies for specific coverage details. Certain terms and limitations may apply. Refer to our disclaimer for additional information.