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        Homeowners Insurance

        Your home it’s your favorite place to lie down at night and rise to the sun in the morning. Find out how we can help you protect it.?


        We strive to exceed your expectations and provide service with a human touch.

        No gray areas

        We promise to explain your coverage and answer all your questions.

        24/7 support

        We’ll be there–night or day–when you need us the most.

        We've got you covered

        We'll give you a choice of coverages that works best for you.

        Living expenses

        We’ll help pay for additional living expenses, if you have to live somewhere else while your home is repaired.

        Protection away from home

        We offer personal liability protection anywhere in the world. It can help protect you if you hurt someone or damage someone’s property.


        It’s nice to know that when something goes wrong, your coverage?goes the distance.

        ERIE's guaranteed replacement cost goes the distance to protect you, while typical competitors only cover the Actual Cash Value leaving you to pay the rest out of pocket.


        Guaranteed replacement cost. No surprises.

        Many homeowners don’t realize that actual cash value policies subtract for wear and tear and depreciation.1

        With our Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage, you’re covered — even if you need to rebuild your entire home.2

        1About sixty percent of homes are undervalued - and potentially underinsured - by 17%, according to Marshall & Swift/Boeckh, a leading provider of building cost data to real estate professionals.

        2Guaranteed Replacement Cost applies to dwelling and requires home improvements over $5,000 to be reported within 90 days - not available with all policies and in all states. Coverage of costs to comply with laws or ordinances is subject to limits. Depreciation will be deducted until repair or replacement is made. Talk to an ERIE agent for more information.

        Customize Your Coverage

        Every home is different, so get what's right for yours.

        Select the coverages you’d like to discuss and we’ll add them to your quote request. Our agents will help you choose the right coverage levels for your home.

        Water Backup & Sump Overflow

        Coverage for backup through sewers, drains and sump pumps.

        Personal Liability

        Coverage for personal liability claims (in case you hurt other people or their property).

        Identity Recovery

        Coverage to help you recover after identity theft or fraud.

        Service Line Protection

        Coverage for damage to underground service and utility lines from your house to the curb.

        0 Selected

        Our Agents

        We have more than 12,100 agents dedicated to helping you choose coverage that’s right for you.

        Licensed Professionals

        You can count on our agents to help you make good decisions about your insurance protection.

        Local Presence

        Our agents have offices in your neighborhood and are a part of your community.

        Claims Assistance

        You might be uneasy about starting a claim, but our agents will guide you through the claims process.


        Start with competitive prices, then add more ways to save.


        A typical multi-policy discount is around 20%. There may be differences by state.

        ERIE offers multi-policy discounts from 16% to 25%, depending on your state, when you insure your auto and home with  us.1 Ask about ERIE’s multi-policy discount and other discounts to see what you could save.

        1Savings are based on individually purchased policies. Discounts subject to eligibility criteria and rates and rules in effect at the time of purchase. See individual policies for specific coverage details. Certain terms and limitations may apply. Refer to our disclaimer for more information.

        Featured Ways to Save*

        A discount is available when you install smoke alarms, a burglary alarm system or an automatic sprinkler system in your home.

        If you get a home insurance quote 7 to 60 days before your policy renews, the savings could be yours.

        Save on your auto and homeowners insurance with a qualified life insurance policy.

        *All discounts are subject to eligibility criteria and applicable rates and rules. Actual savings vary. ERIE® life insurance products and services are provided by Erie Family Life Insurance Company, a member of Erie Insurance Group, and are not available in New York.


        We believe the
        proof is in the policy.

        Our home insurance base policy includes many features that are better than a typical competition policy.1 Talk to an agent about ERIE’s home insurance coverage.


        100% Guaranteed Replacement Cost3 BETTER
        True guaranteed replacement cost
        Extended coverage with limits and qualifiers
        Personal Property Coverage BETTER
        Extensive coverage, fewer exclusions
        Fewer covered incidents, more exclusions
        Theft BETTER
        Coverage includes “mysterious disappearance”
        Fewer items covered, more exclusions
        Animals, Birds and Fish
        Covered to $500
        Typically not covered (or restricted if covered)
        Cash and Precious Metals
        Covered to $500
        Covered, but less than 50% of ERIE’s dollar value
        Coverage for Hard-to-Replace Items
        Covered items include accounts, bills, deeds, passports, etc.
        Restrictive list of covered items, with significantly lower dollar limits
        Coverage for Valuables
        Ample limits for jewelry, watches, precious stones and firearms
        Lower limits for theft only
        1The information is a summary and does not include all coverages and benefits available through an ErieSecure Home? policy or apply to all states. Coverages, benefits, limits and deductibles will vary. Conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply. Refer to our disclaimer for more information. Talk to an ERIE agent for state specific policy information.?

        2Based on a comparison of ERIE’s major competitors.?

        3Guaranteed Replacement Cost requires home improvements over $5,000 to be reported within 90 days—not available with all policies and in all states. Coverage of costs to comply with laws or ordinances is subject to limits. Depreciation will be deducted until repair or replacement is made. Talk to your ERIE agent for more information.

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        Find out if ERIE is right for you. An agent will?be in touch.

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